Monday, April 30, 2018

This year has proven to be a challenging one. I felt I spent more time behind the scenes putting out fires than actually teaching. We dealt with a five week strike, a four week additional loss of time with a complicated and demanding articulation agreement that seemed to cause more anxiety than anything else, mountains of paper work. This has affected my health and my role in the program that I teach. I am also tasked in redeveloping our program which will merge with another one. I did my best to mask all of these issues from my students and my colleagues... I certain some have noticed though. All of this has caused me to severely cut out elements of my life that I honestly miss, drawing for myself, composing music, writing, making better, healthier food choices... I am going to step back from working, when and where I can to realign these elements in my life. My instagram account was also a casualty of this year. My plan is to post again. Starting today. Thanks to everyone who are sticking it out with me as I try to reorient myself with Instagram and other social media.

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