Monday, November 29, 2010

News on the book Art of Richtoon

I am almost 1/3 of my minimum pre-order target. It is going very well. Thank you all for the support.

I am going to try to sweeten the pot:

If you pre-order my book, The Art of Richtoon before January 1st 2011, I will add the following:

1. The book will be autographed along with a sketch.

2. You will receive a 7x5 print.

3. Your name will be part of a special acknowledgment page within the book.

4. Your name would be added to win a large print of one of my images on Book Launch Day (Tentatively May 1st).


$40 Local Pickup

+ $8 Canada (S/H)

+ $15 USA (S/H)

+ $20 International (S/H)

Can't afford it because of Christmas? Ask for it as a Gift and request your name to be part of the Acknowledgment.

More info to come soon!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Art of Richtoon Pre-Order Book Launch

I am very pleased to announce that my first self published book, The Art of Richtoon will soon become a reality.

The hardcover book contains over 800 illustrations on colour paper. It will have 152 pages in a horizontal format of 10 x 7.5.

Jessica Borutski, a fantastic artist currently working at Warner Brothers and creator of I Like Pandas and The Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth has written the forward for the book. Thank you so much Jess!

I have a few other surprises coming up.

What will you find in the book? A bunch of sketches and digital paintings of Robots, Zombies, Caricatures, Monsters, Cartoons, Life Studies and much more.

The book is anticipated to launch on May 1st but you can Pre-Order your book today. Please note the Paypal links on the right hand side.

We will have some more news regarding a book launch party in May. If you reside in Ottawa and can attend the party, you can make arrangements with me through email ( to save on shipping and handling.

This has been a life long dream of mine- to produce a published book of my artwork. Please help my dream come true by Pre-Ordering your Art of Richtoon today!