Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The Hyperbug received its misleading name from the first series of digital/video recordings from unmanned-probes on the northern continent of planet F4459. Their near-constant vibrating bodies seemed to indicate a dizzying metabolism, frantic personality or perhaps a form of natural defense to indigenous predators.

It was only decades later, when the first series of manned explorations of this planet, that they discovered a graceful creature that seemed to dance in the wind, almost like a manta ray with legs. It was initially thought to be a new species. The connection was later made that the creature was reacting to certain high pitches/frequencies of sound. This caused the erratic movements of the Hyperbug. They process the sound waves through a hyper sensitive sensor that is lodged inside a multi-orificed organ wedged between its upper wings and back. The early unmanned-robo-prodes and their anti-grav engines emitted high frequency noises that triggered the Hyperbugs to vibrate and run about in clusters. That is why all of the initial digital video footage and data was fuzzy and distorted. The automated cameras of the robo-probes simply could not keep up.

The final quirk to this strange creature is that they produce a near identical high pitch noise (emitted by the probes) during their mating season. Many scientists hypothesize that the unmanned robo-probes from decades past are directly responsible for the current disproportionate population of the Hyperbug.

Unmanned robo-probes are currently banned from Planet F4459.

Additional note: This creature’s recent behavioral discoveries have prompted the slang “Doin da HyperBug” with adolescents and adults.