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Painting Heads II

OK here's my attempt after the DVD. Goin Solo! What do you think? Did I miss the boat?

Painting Heads

I just went through a DVD tutorial by Bob Kato" Painting the Adult Male Head: Color. I didn't go for an exact reproduction... but close enough so that I could follow what he was doing. Let me know what you think!

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Cartoony Nudes

How else should I pass Canada Day, eh?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Creature Box Inspired.

Crappy... but was fun to figure out. Thanks Adrian, for reminding me of that site.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More people sketched

Are you sick of these yet? I'm not!

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I miss being a student in a class room

I found myself taking some courses and seminars at my work this past week and, on top of learning a bunch of stuff, I also had a great opportunity to sketch lots or people. I thought I'd share some of those sketches. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So far this, is a bad start to my commitment to post more often. But what can you do? I did this drawing a while ago. It is a cartoonified version of my little nefew, Oliver, who is enthralled with anything to do with Hockey. If he doesn't want to put his coat on, we tell him " But it's a Hockey Coat!" And before you know it, he's got that thing on lighting fast! What a great age! Anyways, it was done in pencil and coloured pencil... Something I'd like to get into a bit more. I also want to get into coloured pencils with an pen and ink outline. I have plenty more that I've scanned that is ready to post. Looming sketch dumps in the forecast... And I also have Sketchnight to look forward to tonight as well. Good times!
Feel free to let m eknow what you think,

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School's Out for Summer!!

OK... It has been WAY too long since my last post. I plan to do a lot more this summer since, eventhough I still have some commitments with work, I can squeeze in more "drawing for me" time. I decided to mess around with markers during last night's Weekly Sketchnight here in Ottawa. We were 36 this time, and it was a blast!! So anyway, markers are not my strong suite but I thought I'd post what I did nevertheless. I have to admit that markers (with a dash of pastels and pencils) are a lot of fun. The Zombie I tinted in photoshop.
let me know what you think!
I think I messed up the comments part... ooops!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The Hyperbug received its misleading name from the first series of digital/video recordings from unmanned-probes on the northern continent of planet F4459. Their near-constant vibrating bodies seemed to indicate a dizzying metabolism, frantic personality or perhaps a form of natural defense to indigenous predators.

It was only decades later, when the first series of manned explorations of this planet, that they discovered a graceful creature that seemed to dance in the wind, almost like a manta ray with legs. It was initially thought to be a new species. The connection was later made that the creature was reacting to certain high pitches/frequencies of sound. This caused the erratic movements of the Hyperbug. They process the sound waves through a hyper sensitive sensor that is lodged inside a multi-orificed organ wedged between its upper wings and back. The early unmanned-robo-prodes and their anti-grav engines emitted high frequency noises that triggered the Hyperbugs to vibrate and run about in clusters. That is why all of the initial digital video footage and data was fuzzy and distorted. The automated cameras of the robo-probes simply could not keep up.

The final quirk to this strange creature is that they produce a near identical high pitch noise (emitted by the probes) during their mating season. Many scientists hypothesize that the unmanned robo-probes from decades past are directly responsible for the current disproportionate population of the Hyperbug.

Unmanned robo-probes are currently banned from Planet F4459.

Additional note: This creature’s recent behavioral discoveries have prompted the slang “Doin da HyperBug” with adolescents and adults.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ambush Body Snapper

The Unknown Soldier who took this picture (approximately 1909) wrote a brief but cryptic hand written description of this improbable event:

This beast hid in the sandbags. Some believed that it was responsible for stacking the sandbags at odd places in the trenches. This thing would attack sentries on the night shift when they were alone. It is pure luck that I managed to take this picture. It lunged out, and ate/crushed 2/3 of Private Jenson. The face area started to suction its tongue with teeth back into itself. I think that the cannons and explosions of this unholy war may have wakened this foul ambush body-snapper from the bowels of hell itself. May god have mercy on our souls!