Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A quick look back at last year and looking ahead

Well this has been a more hectic than usual year for me- in the best possible way.

I launched a book, the art of Richtoon, I've created a webcomic, http://spacepestremoval.com/, I've created a new program for the college, Introduction to concept Art - it has so much promiss with really amazing teachers... And the other program that I teach in, Pre-Animation and Illustration had grown to 4 groups... for a max of 120 students!

The college has also hired a new full timer for the program. I'm not sure if I can officially say who it is or not, but I am rediculously pleased with who got the job!

It has been a fantastic year and there is so much more to look forward to as well.

The webcomic is an on going project. Please check it out! It is facinating because it is a never ending work in progress. And as the comic matures, it will all be done online. I am really excited to see how it will grow.

There are many new plans for Pre-Animation and Illustration. I can't talk much about it at the moment but it is all really good news!

I guess that's it. I haven't posted a lot this summer... so I thought I'd post a fan favorite:

Have a great summer everyone!


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