Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Golden bugbot

For this particular speed paint, I wanted to mess around with textures more than anything else. It's fun to see these speed paints evolve. The textures are a little too blatant for my taste, but I can see that I am starting to speed up and gain confidence.


Austin Papageorge said...

So... this is done on a computer? I think I like it- but I'm a bit comfused about what it is- besides a "bugbot".

Richtoon said...

This was nothing more than an experiment in speedpainting. You won't find deeper meaning than the fact that it's a robot that looks like a bug.

DamienS said...

Hey Rich thanks alot,..defiantely got to come by and chat,..just been super busy lately. Glad to to see some new works on the blog im loving the speed paints awesome stuff, keep posting got to see more!!

AlanS said...


You've Been Busy!

Nice !