Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Images

Here some more stuff.
Please comment.


Ben Reynolds said...

Thanks for the comment Rich...way to keep posting your stuff! I'm liking that Banjo(?) player. Cool stuff!

Andrew Elbendari said...

Nice work Rich. I like the nude and surgery one best!

Richtoon said...

Thanks ben!! I think it was a ukelele (sp?) I gotta get in the habit of posting more stuff. I'm gonna try!

andrew!! Good to hear from ya! How are you liking animation so far?


Andrew Elbendari said...

Animations cool. It's alot of yapping so far and not much drawing yet but I'm sure that's gonna change soon.

And X-sheets/time sheets/dope sheets are a pain in the @$$, heh heh.

Paul West is pretty good so this far into it I like it! :D

Nell said...

Hey Rich :) I love the girly in pink! <3 She's a cutey. Of course love it all and everything else you got up now! Glad to see more =)