Friday, February 24, 2006


These were sketches done in Corel Painter. I was attempting to imitate toned paper. Enjoy!


DAGGITT said...

nice..i like it! YEah it sucks that canada wont get a medal, but at least Russia wont either!!

Ben Reynolds said...

Hey Rich..good to hear from you man!! And cool you got a blog. Your stuff is looking really nice..I really like the dude "wearing" the car. I hope things are well...I'll check back often.
keep in touch

Kushal Ruia said...

hey thnx for dropping by...
u can post animation by signing up with google video or you tube..
bot r free.
you tube is faster to get things up and running but google has no limitation on ur file size (100 MB for You Tube)
Hope that helps!
hope to see animation on ur page soon!:-)